Vinyl Lettering has three layers. Design Now!

1st is the top layer. This is called the pre-masking.

The pre-masking is designed to help transfer the vinyl lettering from the package to it’s a final resting place.
The pre-masking has an adhesive surface that adheres to the vinyl lettering. When the pre-masking is removed it should bring the lettering up with it.

2nd Layer.
The Second layer is the Vinyl Lettering.

The Vinyl Lettering has adhesive on the bottom side. The adhesive will adhere the lettering to its final resting place. The Vinyl Lettering has no material in between the letters. It is die cut right on the edge of every letter.
This makes for a very clean install and will seem painted on. The pre-mask layer holds all the vinyl in place. The lettering has been pre-spaced and pre-aligned according to the user specifications when designing their Vinyl Lettering.

3rd Layer.

The third layer is called the wax paper backing.

This layer is designed for the Vinyl Lettering to lay on but not able to adhere to. The wax on the front side is a non-stick surface.
This layer will be thrown away and has no other purpose. It can be cut off during installation.

See the Vinyl Lettering Installation page which explains more in-depth and can help you get a good idea of what is in store.

As far as confidence installing your Vinyl Lettering. We guarantee your install.

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