Hawaii Boat Registration Display Laws And Decal Requirements.

Hawaii Boat Registration Displaying is easy. When you successfully register your vessel, you’ll receive a certificate
and a decal. See Image.

1. Click here to apply for your Hawaii Boat Registration Numbers and Validation Decals.
Your permanent registration number appears on the right-hand side of
the certificate preceded by the letters HI. This number must be placed
on each side of the bow of the registered vessel in a position that is
clearly visible at all times. The number must also be:
• BLOCK characters, no less than three inches high and contrasting
with the background color of your boat;
• Separated by letters with space or a hyphen; and
• Read from left to right; For example HI 3214 BA or HI-3214-BA.
The validation decal must be displayed within 6 inches before or after
and in line with the registration numbers on both sides of the boat’s bow.
It’s your responsibility to make sure your boat is properly marked and
documented. It’s also a good idea to always keep your papers with
the boat, in a waterproof case for safekeeping.

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